Thursday, 16 July 2009


Time for my second "VG Box", this time dedicated to my most recent game:


So in PROTOTYPE you play as Dr. Alexander J. Mercer a scientist at GENTEK... or something that thinks is Mercer. Designated ZEUS by BLACKWATCH, a military organization that experiments with the BLACKLIGHT Virus, a virus that creates the zombie-like Infected Civilian, and the beast-like Hunters, Mercer wakes up in a morgue with no recollection of past events and the ability to shape-shift and "eat" people absorbing their biomass, memories, and abilities.

As Mercer you must figure out who made you like this and make them pay. How are you going to do this? Well by destroying the crap out everything and anything you find, in one of the best games in this generation. In this game you're so incredibly overpowered that it goes from fun, to boring, to fun again. This sandbox-style game allows you great freedom as you roam through NYC, destroying Infected Hives and infiltrating Military Bases. While the gameplay is great and the overall-story intriguing, the story is developed through small cut-scenes that seem stale and badly thought out.

Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed this game, and although the cutscenes are kinda lame, this game was all you probably hoped, and it's replay value will have you playing it various times to get all the trophies(or achievements if you have the 360 version.) And that's my veredict.

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